Monday, May 19, 2014

Revlon - The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Electric Chrome Collection

Apologies! I have been neglectful due to stress and work, and stress, and work. *Le sigh!
However, I have part of this gorgeous collection and an honorable mention for this review.

The Amazing Spiderman 2 film has been out since April, and along with one of the marketing schemes is this OH-SO-PRETTY limited edition collection. Just SO PRETTY!
If you haven't seen the film yet, you shooouuuuuld. It is one of the greatest love stories in comics and pop-culture history. I won't have any spoilers in this review, so no worries to those of you who are still looking forward to this wicked movie! =D

The shimmer is apparent in all of the items from the collection, hence the name; Electric Chrome Collection. I settled on four of the six nail enamels, and I only have one of the three Super Lustrous Lip Glosses, because the other two seemed to be sold out everywhere. The second lip gloss in the photo below is a gloss that is part of the permanent Revlon line, and I will get into why it is an "honorable mention" at the end.

You can read up on what is available HERE. Note: The Revlon site seems to reject my browsing use of Chrome, but it works with no problem on Internet Explorer. It has something to do with the Flash specs. I can't say for sure with Firefox or Safari (Sorry!).

The nail enamels are retailed at $6.99 each (CAD) at Shoppers Drug Mart, when I purchased them. Boots has them priced at £6.49 each (GBP) HERE, for my UK readers. And the gloss was $7.99 (CAD), and I am not exactly sure if the glosses were available in the UK. D=

I love this packaging. Really, the only identifying quality is this golden web printed on the handle of the product, but I find that it goes with the saying, "Less is more," and they stay cohesive with the same Revlon packaging that is in the permanent line.

The nail polish brush isn't too small and holds enough product for a single coat. I found that all of these polishes required two coats for an even finish, but even with one coat, you get a full-on colour experience. The polishes do take a good long while to dry so if you're impatient, like me, try using a fast-drying top coat, or drops.

The small doe-foot applicator for the glosses are small and I find two dips are good enough for a lovely sheer wash of glossy colour on the lips. You can build up the colour intensity too.

Here are some swatches!
First, we have Electrified Web. It is a striking orange with complementing tiny shimmer that gives this monochromatic shine against the light. I would say some of the shimmer appears golden for effect.
This is Gwen's Crush, and she is "hot-dayum" gorgeous. Depending on the light source, she can appear like a dark fuchsia, and/or have cooler toned, violet and blue toned shimmer. She's confident, and sophisticated, and she's definitely a keeper. =D
This shade is dedicated to our one and only, friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. It's called Spidey Sense, and just from it's name, I was hooked. This one in the bottle appears more orange-toned with the golden shimmer, but when applied, I was surprised to find the shade was more of a vibrant pinky cherry allure with more of a feminine finish. I still love it!
Lastly, the forth polish I picked up is this sparkling blue varnish called I'm Electro. There is a more true blue shade in the same collection, which is darker than this one, but this one caught my eye almost instantly. I should just say it was love at first sight, because look at eeet! The photo actually shows it a little darker than intended, but I find it is a little bit more muted. I am sporting these now, and I have to tell you, I might just pick up another for a back-up. It's that lovely, and that is my honest opinion.
Here is the only gloss I was able to pick up from the collection. This is Killer-Watt, and I have it swatched below with Pink Pop, which is part of Revlon's new permanent line of the Super Lustrous Lip Glosses. Killer-Watt is a shimmery hot pink gloss and stays in with the monochromatic theme of the collection. It applies sheer and has a buildable capacity as with all of the Revlon glosses that have pigment.

Something I would love to mention about these tubes is the noticeable space just above the gold logo and below the opening/stopper. This part of the tube acts as a well, and when you first pull on the applicator, the empty well fills up with product until the applicator is fully extracted. This is something I absolutely appreciate in product design, because A LOT of drugstore makeup is inevitably opened by people who want to swatch the product before buying it (-_-;). It's a huge pet peeve when I shop drugstore makeup, since sometimes, even with seals, you can't always tell if a product has been used. This well is an exemplary indication of whether or not the product you have has been opened before you've been there. Let's be real here, people; Who wants other peoples' koodies? Nobody, that's who.
On the left, we have Killer-Watt, and on the right, Pink Pop.
Pink Pop is exactly what the name suggests. It is a flash of pink that collectively enhances any look. I found that you can wear a natural eye and cheek look with this, or even with a dramatic look, and you will still look great with this gloss. There is no shimmer, but there is no lack of that glossy finish. It looks great, and feels great. There is a slight sweet scent from the natural ingredients I think, and I find it lovely.

There have been mixed reviews of Revlon's new glosses, that I've read and seen (videos), but I have been loving them. I think I will grab a few more, because I find the formula is very comfortable. Revlon has added a lot of better ingredients to their glosses, and I have to give them a huge thumbs up, because they have been phenomenal for someone like me who doesn't like to use lipsticks too often, and avoids overly perfumed products. I think they're probably one of the best drugstore lip glosses out there right now. They are definitely on my top 5 list.

Anyway, I have included Pink Pop as an honorable mention above, because it's part of a small display I saw at a Shoppers called "Get the Gwen Stacy Look." For those of you who don't know, Emma Stone, who plays Gwen Stacy in the film, is actually one of Revlon's Ambassadors. That means she's one of the celebrity faces promoting Revlon's cosmetics. As I said before also, Pink Pop is part of Revlon's new line of lip glosses, and it's not exactly listed in the promotion online, but it was part of one makeup display look I glanced here. There is a few permanent products listed for getting "Gwen's look" by Revlon. This Boots promotion includes exactly what I mean with a daytime look, and an evening look. And might I just say, Emma Stone is just stunning!

Overall, I think this small collection is great. It includes all things I love and adore about geek culture, comics, movies, and beauty. Think you might pick up something from this collection? I know I'll enjoy mine for sure! I'm off to dinner now.

Cheers, and thanks for reading!