Sunday, June 08, 2014

Maybelline's Summer 2014 Collection

I have here four items from Maybelline's Summer 2014 Collection. I think Canadians once again get less items than the American release. I opted to grab two of the three lip lacquer elixirs available as the third was a bit too light for my complexion. The collection does offer a selection of new bronzers, eyeliners, and nail colours. Check them out at your local drugstore. =)
The description for all of Maybelline's Color Elixirs is the same; The tube is rectangular prism-like with the actual inner container appearing as a lipstick bullet. This definitely isn't the first it's been done. In fact, Dior just released a gloss that comes in a similar tube. This is definitely your drugstore alternative.
The applicator has a leaf-shaped sponge. They call it the "angora" brush, and I don't know if they have actually made the brush from Angora rabbits, but it is highly, highly doubtful. This is a drugstore brand, meant to be affordable to people everywhere. I personally, would be very disappointed if the brushes were made from rabbit fur. I don't buy anything that has rabbit fur.
On the left, we have 015 Glowing Garnet, which is a rose-coloured pink. I think it has a bit of fuchsia in it that gives it that cooler quality.

The second shade is 025 Radiant Raspberry, which appears more like a flashy coral colour. The warmer tone definitely makes it a wearable spring to summer lippy.

The texture has a nice emollient feel to it. And both these shades can be sheered down with only one coat. Two coats will definitely give you that stunning "lip lacquer" look.

The only downside I find with the Color Elixirs is the scent. They have this perfumey quality to them, that comes off as ... to put it bluntly, cheap, old lady and plastic.

Overall, I do love these glosses by themselves. The scent is the ONLY thing that I would take away from this product. My advice is not to wear this on a date if you plan on making out. ^3^
The two cream eye shadows are 115 Shimmering Sea, and 110 Sunwashed Sky.
Yessss.... Be mesmerized by these multidimensional creamy shadows. I know I am. And if anyone knows about Maybelline's Color Tattoo 24HR cream eye shadows, they'll know these make for great eyeshadow bases.

Shimmering Sea has this old golden base to it which is more apparent in the light. The green-blue pops out in the down light.

Sunwashed Sky is a pearly and shimmery silvery blue in the light and has a purple undertone.

After a little bit of research, it looked like Maybelline just slapped a new name on these two limited summer shades from last year called Seashore Frosts and Cool Crush, respectively. While there is very slight differences, you basically get the same shades. I don't own the 2013 shades so these two were new to me. I do enjoy the extra dimension they eject. They are great shades for your summer BBQ outings.

I did actually use Shimmering Sea for a turquoise look the other night. Not bad for a lovely sheer wash. Try not to over use it. They do take some getting used to. If not blended evenly, they can apply patchy.

These are nice complimentary colours for summer. Thanks for reading. Think you'll grab a shade or two? =D