Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Kat Von D's Monarch Eyeshadow Palette

Kat Von D has had these butterfly palettes out for awhile -- a few months to be correct, and exclusively sold at Sephora. I've been finally able to play around with the Monarch Palette, and I can tell you guys, WOWZA! Check it!
Top: outer packaging, and bottom: actual palette packaging.
I haven't tried too many of Kat Von D's products, only because I haven't known too much about them really, and some products have certain ingredients that don't readily agree with my skin. However, I am slowly becoming hooked the more I hear and read about her line.

I looooove this package. The designs are SOOO KVD.

If you guys don't know who Kat Von D is, or Katherine von Drachenberg, she is a tattoo artist, who made her fame through an American Reality TV show called Miami Ink back in 2005. Miami Ink followed the artistic endeavors of some of the most amazing tattoo artists out there. KVD was well known for her brilliant black and white, greyscale tattoos. Her talent is praised since she started out very young in the tattooing industry.

Following Miami Ink, KVD continued working with TLC to create another reality series called LA Ink, which is basically another reality spin-off series featuring more artists and a couple of different shops. The show was very dramatic. =P

KVD started her beauty line in 2008, and it is exclusively sold at Sephora. You can read on her products either at the Sephora website or at katvondbeauty.com .

I have been loving this palette. It is KVD's Monarch Eyeshadow Palette and it is flippin' awesome.

I tried to keep it neat, since I have been using the palette in the last while.
The packaging is made from a sturdy cardboard, and the magnet that keeps it closed is definitely ideal. The condensed cardboard makes it a little bit weighty, but I can say that I feel that all the shadows are so secured that I wouldn't be afraid of them flying everywhere if I dropped it. And I ain't gonna test that theory out, because I love this palette way too much. =P

I have the eyeshadows swatched in three different images of four per section, starting with the top horizontal shade followed by the vertical shades underneath.

From left to right, we have entomology, wrath, papilio, and summerfly.

Mind you, the names of the shadows follow in with the theme of entomology, which is the study of insects. Some of the names are a little morbid, but it's kind of expected with the overall theme and style. =)

Here, we have a more cooler set starting with telepathy, killing jar, delaney, and vanish.
And the third set follows with tiny death, disintegration, shadow box, and deadhead.

These shadows are so pigmented. The only shade I've had to dip in a few times was tiny death. It is a matte powder with some bigger glitter spread out in it. Killing jar is my favourite paired with papilio and telepathy. These shadows are smooth when applied, and I feel like the quality of these shadows have a creamy consistency though they are powders. They are somewhat reminiscent to theBalm eye shadows, considering how silky they feel and how they apply. Definitely a must have.

With any one of these shadows I feel there is a lot of fallout that can occur, so when picking up the eye shadow I suggest using a light patting or light sweeping motions so you don't get your product everywhere.

The Monarch, and its sister, Chrysalis, palettes are still being sold at Sephora, but they are slowly selling out. If you're interested, check out your nearest Sephora store fast! KVD has some rad new palettes already on their way out too.

Peace ya'll. ;P