About Me

Hi there, and welcome to my blog!

My name is Mandi. I go by Misty on the Internets. (Hellooooo Internets!)

I am as much of a video game girl as I am an artist, and a makeup enthusiast. That is what I am combining altogether in my blog. I have many passions but these three, are simply me.

I am from Edmonton, Canada -- Probably one of the more colder 'metropolises' on Earth. I currently reside with my family, and I work full-time as an admin.

My love for makeup, beauty, and skincare comes from my artistic third. I actually have never owned a whole set of make up until my mom gifted me a MAC holiday set back in 2010. Since then, I have been experimenting with more colors and delving into this new and wonderful world of cosmetics.

I have a small background in video games. I studied Video Game Design and Development in Toronto, and ventured back to Edmonton in hopes of building a portfolio, and paying off student loans. I'm probably more known for playing games like League of Legends and a lot of Assassin's Creed.

Lastly, I am, and will always be an artist. I have actually been drawing my entire life. I went to Victoria School for its renowned academics in art. After high school (Class of 2005 -- wooo!), I went to Grant MacEwan for a year in their Design Studies Foundation course. I learned a lot in that one year of schooling more than I have anywhere else. I bring that artistic passion into my life every day.

I find that with a full-time job, it has been difficult to keep up with making art. I know I should be more proactive on creating more art. That being said, I do come out with new art every so often. I can be seen selling prints of my own art at Edmonton Expo, and Animethon during the summer. My online portfolio can be seen at http://mlchiem.daportfolio.com/

With my reviews, I hope that I can show you why I get the kinds of products I do. Everyone has their own preference about what works for them and what doesn't. Maybe you can learn something from my experiences, and take reference for what you might consider for your next purchase. Some of these things are your classic products, but I will try my best to keep with the times for new, trending topics as well.

I am a new blogger, hoping to grow in a new way. I hope you will find learning new things and learning about new things with me is a positive endeavor. Thankies, and enjoy!