Monday, July 28, 2014

New Hair Care Routine With Marc Anthony

My hair care routine has been pretty simple for most of my life. Whenever someone brings up shampoo and conditioner, it's usually been what's affordable and comfortable. That being mostly because I share shampoo with others living under the same roof.

My usual go-to shampoo and conditioner duo is Dove's Cool Moisture damage therapy line. The Cucumber and Green Tea scent is the universal "Go-To" around here anyway, and is always a comfortable use.

Recently, I picked up this trio from Costco for about $17 CAD.
Marc Anthony's Oil of Morocco Argan Oil shampoo, conditioner, and hair oil treatment all in one. I think this is a newer hair line by Marc Anthony. You can read more on them here.

The quality is great too. I like the fact that they're sulfate free, and, "INFUSED WITH KERATIN." That means the formula contains structural proteins, which are good for keeping your hair looking healthy and strong. The sulfate-free part is definitely a big bonus for me. Common shampoos will almost always contain sulfate to help clean the oils out of your hair. Sulfate is drying, and is a bit of an irritant, so it is best to wash your hair with sulfate-free shampoos anyway.

The feel of the shampoo and oil is pretty standard and light. I think the conditioner is noticeably more richer in texture than most.

The scent is actually quite lovely in the set as a whole. I wouldn't categorize it as feminine or masculine, but probably more unisex. It has a sort of tangy spice fragrance to it that lingers in the hair.

I began using hair oil treatments in my hair in the last year or so, just to promote hair hydration and strength. Hair oil treatments tend to be good for that kind of thing. It says on the box, "PRO TIP: For extra dry, damaged hair apply 2-4 drops to dry hair at night before bedtime. Leaves no residue." A little does go a long way with the hair oil too.

Overall, I think this is a great quality hair care set that is affordable. Considering your average bottle of shampoo ranges around $5-10 each, this is a pretty sweet deal. You're also getting the salon treatment with this product too. My hair does feel optimally nice when I use this set.

=P Think you might try it?