Monday, July 21, 2014

Topbox's July Beauty Goodies

Here be treats from Topbox this month!
I got standard of four products with the generic topbox again. There was an option to pick different boxes. A friend of mine received a pack with everything "That's Real" by benefit.
This is aiwenc's instagram! Check it out!
Considering her box, mine doesn't look like much, but the black box by CND VINYLUX is supposed to be paired up with the pink polish. They also have an instructional card with a lady on the front.
CND VINYLUX is probably the first nail polish I've come across, anyway, that has English, Spanish, and French all printed on the box and bottles. I think it's made, packaged, and distributed from three different places. The bottles list Vista, California (US), Barcelona (Spain), and has a "Made in Mexico" label.

Anyway, you can tell by the label that the black bottle is a top coat. Here's the swatches.
The pink Weekly Polish is Tutti Frutti #155. It has a bit of a holographic-al blue and purple sheen to it in the light. I have the Weekly Top Coat applied on my thumb, fore finger, and middle finger (left three), and the ring finger and pinky without the top coat (right two). The shiny factor is a nicer finish, and does let your polish live longer. I have this polish and top coat on for about three days so far without any chipping. Not bad, I think! It's very Barbie-esc. =P
The third item is this face moisturizer by StriVectin. I have seen this company's products at Shoppers. The regular 50 ml is sold for $120, so definitely on the high end spectrum. The cream is somewhat rich with a yellow tinge to it, and has a strong floral fragrance to it. I may not end up using it because of the strong scent.
I saved the best for last. This INSTAIN blush is by TheBalm Cosmetics. The reason for listing it last is because I am already a huge fan of these blushes. I have three... 
Compared to the full sized blush, the sample comes with basically the same packaging, and is held closed with magnets. I definitely think that is some great marketing ploys. HOUNDSTOOTH is the regular sized blush compared here. The sample size is half a gram of product. They retail for $22 each, and they have six shades in the INSTAIN blush line.

The sample shade is called SWISS DOT, a colour I don't have yet! It is a coral, peachy colour, and I think it's appropriate for the late summer. Swatched it!
I can't begin to explain the quality of these blushes. They are just so good! They aren't called INSTAIN for no reason either. The blush staining effect is very long lasting, and a little goes a long way, so if you want just a wash of colour, you will have to use a light hand. I suggest using a smaller stippling blush to apply these. The powder itself feels silky to the touch, almost like a smooth cream. Eet's so nice. xD

Thanks for checking out what I got from Topbox this month.