Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sephora and Tarte's Summer 500 Point Perk Pick Up

Just a quick post on my 500 Point Perk Pick-Up at Sephora, Toronto from a couple of weeks ago. The giant Sephora at the Eaton Centre downtown had this as a perk as part their point system when you sign up for being a Sephora Beauty Insider.
I am already such a huge fan of Tarte. I think their products are amazing for being paraben-free, cruelty-free, and vegan-friendly. The company's creator was known for wanting to use makeup that is actually good for you, and friendly to your skin. The company was recently bought this year from a cosmetics company called Kose, and they are known for testing their cosmetics on animals. I've read that Tarte will maintain their good name by continuing to operate the same, cruelty-free. I hope that's true. I really do love Tarte products.

Anyway, the kit includes everything that's labelled there on the box cover. It comes with a deluxe-sized of their famous park ave princess Amazoniam clay bronzer at 3.2 g (0.11 oz), a deluxe-sized Amazonian clay smart mascara with 5 ml (0.16 fl oz), 15 ml tube (0.5 fl oz) of their Brazilliance maracuja self tanner, a 2 g (0.07 oz) packet of their maracuja C-brighter eye treatment, and a single use face towelette of the Brazilliance self tanning.
No swatches this time, as I'm unsure as to if I'll even use the self tanning stuff. The bronzer was something I really wanted to try out, but with the shimmer in it, I may just use it as an eyeshadow. I'm already in love with their mascaras, and the eye treatment I've already emptied into a small jar. A little really goes a long way with that stuff.

Thanks for tuning into this quick Show and Tell post. I do have some more Tarte material to type about coming real soon here. =)