Friday, July 18, 2014

Tarte's Amazonian 16 LE Clay Eyeshadows

SO I found a great reason to pull out one of my collected eyeshadow palettes. This is a palette that was sold during the winter holidays last year, and seems to be in stock just recently at Sephora for $46.00 CAD, under the idea that it is still "limited edition." This is the Amazonian clay eyeshadow palette by Tarte. My thoughts are that they are probably trying to sell off old stock, but this is still a great palette to have on hand, in my opinion.

During the holidays, it was sold in a three-piece set, most ideally as gifts. As it is being sold on it's own, I honestly think it is a bit of a rip-off though. Maybe this post can help you decide whether or not you may want it while it's still up for sale. Check it!

I actually did bring this with me on holidays since it's a very sleek palette. It is a 6 x 6 inch height and width square, with a less-than centimeter depth, so definitely able to stow away flat without complaint. Also, made with hard cardboard which I find very sturdyand durable.

You gotta dig the packaging though. Seriously, who doesn't love gold over a royal violet?
This is what it looks like inside, minus the ghetto scotch tape. It's there so I can keep track of what the eyeshadow names are. For some reason, that's important to me, so when companies create a separate plastic sheet instead of print the eyeshadow names on the actual packaging, I find it super annoying! *huff And yes, I taped the sheet down so the lid can close comfortably too.
Here we are, up close and personal. You can tell I've had my grubby paws in it a bunch. You get ten mattes and six shimmers. I know I can make a lot of different looks with this palette by itself.

Also, with these shadows, I can tell that these are more earthy tones, and will most definitely, compliment any skin tone.

Swatches, shall we?

From left to right: tickled pink(matte), playful plum(matte), radiant rosewood(matte), and sage advice(shimmer).
What I like about each row, is that you could match these all up in a single look, and they would compliment each other. This palette also offers a great mix of cool and warm-toned shades.
Second row: beaming bronze(shimmer), grateful grey(matte), alluring almond(matte), and hot cocoa(shimmer). 
Hot cocoa is one of my favourite shades.
Third row: ideal ivory(matte), roasted chestnut(shimmer), buttercream frosting(shimmer), and pumped up purple(matte).
The most chalky one in this palette is ideal ivory.
Last row: marvelous mocha(matte), truly taupe(shimmer), peachy keen(matte), and blissful brown(matte).
Marvelous mocha, first, is a nice taupe-y colour. I used this one a lot for shading in my brows. It just has a nice, natural matte finish. I like truly taupe partnered up with blissful brown in the crease for a nice evening look.

I do like the versatility of this palette. I find I'm using it a lot, and would recommend it to any one who likes to wear earthy tones, and casual daytime looks.

Already have this one, or think you'll pick it up?