Monday, July 28, 2014

New Hair Care Routine With Marc Anthony

My hair care routine has been pretty simple for most of my life. Whenever someone brings up shampoo and conditioner, it's usually been what's affordable and comfortable. That being mostly because I share shampoo with others living under the same roof.

My usual go-to shampoo and conditioner duo is Dove's Cool Moisture damage therapy line. The Cucumber and Green Tea scent is the universal "Go-To" around here anyway, and is always a comfortable use.

Recently, I picked up this trio from Costco for about $17 CAD.
Marc Anthony's Oil of Morocco Argan Oil shampoo, conditioner, and hair oil treatment all in one. I think this is a newer hair line by Marc Anthony. You can read more on them here.

The quality is great too. I like the fact that they're sulfate free, and, "INFUSED WITH KERATIN." That means the formula contains structural proteins, which are good for keeping your hair looking healthy and strong. The sulfate-free part is definitely a big bonus for me. Common shampoos will almost always contain sulfate to help clean the oils out of your hair. Sulfate is drying, and is a bit of an irritant, so it is best to wash your hair with sulfate-free shampoos anyway.

The feel of the shampoo and oil is pretty standard and light. I think the conditioner is noticeably more richer in texture than most.

The scent is actually quite lovely in the set as a whole. I wouldn't categorize it as feminine or masculine, but probably more unisex. It has a sort of tangy spice fragrance to it that lingers in the hair.

I began using hair oil treatments in my hair in the last year or so, just to promote hair hydration and strength. Hair oil treatments tend to be good for that kind of thing. It says on the box, "PRO TIP: For extra dry, damaged hair apply 2-4 drops to dry hair at night before bedtime. Leaves no residue." A little does go a long way with the hair oil too.

Overall, I think this is a great quality hair care set that is affordable. Considering your average bottle of shampoo ranges around $5-10 each, this is a pretty sweet deal. You're also getting the salon treatment with this product too. My hair does feel optimally nice when I use this set.

=P Think you might try it?


Monday, July 21, 2014

Topbox's July Beauty Goodies

Here be treats from Topbox this month!
I got standard of four products with the generic topbox again. There was an option to pick different boxes. A friend of mine received a pack with everything "That's Real" by benefit.
This is aiwenc's instagram! Check it out!
Considering her box, mine doesn't look like much, but the black box by CND VINYLUX is supposed to be paired up with the pink polish. They also have an instructional card with a lady on the front.
CND VINYLUX is probably the first nail polish I've come across, anyway, that has English, Spanish, and French all printed on the box and bottles. I think it's made, packaged, and distributed from three different places. The bottles list Vista, California (US), Barcelona (Spain), and has a "Made in Mexico" label.

Anyway, you can tell by the label that the black bottle is a top coat. Here's the swatches.
The pink Weekly Polish is Tutti Frutti #155. It has a bit of a holographic-al blue and purple sheen to it in the light. I have the Weekly Top Coat applied on my thumb, fore finger, and middle finger (left three), and the ring finger and pinky without the top coat (right two). The shiny factor is a nicer finish, and does let your polish live longer. I have this polish and top coat on for about three days so far without any chipping. Not bad, I think! It's very Barbie-esc. =P
The third item is this face moisturizer by StriVectin. I have seen this company's products at Shoppers. The regular 50 ml is sold for $120, so definitely on the high end spectrum. The cream is somewhat rich with a yellow tinge to it, and has a strong floral fragrance to it. I may not end up using it because of the strong scent.
I saved the best for last. This INSTAIN blush is by TheBalm Cosmetics. The reason for listing it last is because I am already a huge fan of these blushes. I have three... 
Compared to the full sized blush, the sample comes with basically the same packaging, and is held closed with magnets. I definitely think that is some great marketing ploys. HOUNDSTOOTH is the regular sized blush compared here. The sample size is half a gram of product. They retail for $22 each, and they have six shades in the INSTAIN blush line.

The sample shade is called SWISS DOT, a colour I don't have yet! It is a coral, peachy colour, and I think it's appropriate for the late summer. Swatched it!
I can't begin to explain the quality of these blushes. They are just so good! They aren't called INSTAIN for no reason either. The blush staining effect is very long lasting, and a little goes a long way, so if you want just a wash of colour, you will have to use a light hand. I suggest using a smaller stippling blush to apply these. The powder itself feels silky to the touch, almost like a smooth cream. Eet's so nice. xD

Thanks for checking out what I got from Topbox this month.


Friday, July 18, 2014

Ipsy's July Glam Bag Goodies

Hey folks, here's another installation of what I received in my Ipsy's Glam Bag this month.
July's bag is a bright pink faux leather baggy. The inside has a white wool lining, I think... That's what it feels like. It's quite flexible, has a nice texture to feel on the outside, and smells like fresh plastic.

The first couple of items I may not actually get to use...

Tints & Sass's lip and cheek stain seems like a fabulous product. It does what it's expected to do, and I expect anyone who love lip and cheek stains will love this one. You get a lot of product, the packaging is very cute, and you get a soft doe-foot applicator that gives you enough product in a single use. The second swatch photo here shows you the staining effect very well. I used makeup remover and soap and water over this, but the product does well. Seriously, this is the ideal staining product. My only issue is, once again, the paraben ingredient in it. *sad face, grumble grumble
Here, we have a dark tanning oil. I love Hang Ten's natural sun screen that I received a couple of months ago, but this tanning oil is something I know for a fact I won't use. And really, that's because I don't need or use self-tanning products. It's not that I don't appreciate getting this, but I am naturally dark. I tan naturally and well with less than maybe ten minutes of being in the sun. I may gift this to someone who will appreciate it more, I think.
Now we're talking with this bright indigo shade. This is Facetious by wHeT. It's a mini polish so it is meant as a deluxe sample. This is a gel finish, and I am definitely digging it! You can get this bright colour with two coats of Facetious. You can grab their nail polishes at their store online. I'm really eyeing the serendipity shade. =D Ipsy gives us a 30% off coupon with any purchase there with the code: IPSY30. Available in the US and Canada. ;P
ENDZ is the first product I've tried from Marrakesh. It's an oil therapy cream for your split ends. It's scent is kind of spicy and musky, and very fitting with the packaging. Another thing I do like on the tube is that it says "NO: Animal Testing, Animal Ingredients, Drying Alcohols, Parabens, THC, Dyes, Propylene Glycol, Petroleum, Phthalates." Now, in my book, that's a long list of being awesome to my hair. Thank you, very much.
Last, we have an eyeshadow duo from bareMinerals. I like the eye looks they give with just the two shades they've provided. I even dig the tiny compact it comes in. I am already a big fan of bareMinerals' products. I think their makeup line is probably one of the best quality stuff you can get out there. You can get bareMinerals at Sephora, or their site at

Aaaaannnnd, swatch!
This is Muse and Passion, both community faves. Muse appears more matte here, but has a semi-matte finish, meaning it has some fine shimmer in it. Passion definitely compliments it with its sultry shimmery plum hue. I think I will enjoy using these two for sure.

What did you guys get in your bags this month?

Cheers! ;)


Tarte's Amazonian 16 LE Clay Eyeshadows

SO I found a great reason to pull out one of my collected eyeshadow palettes. This is a palette that was sold during the winter holidays last year, and seems to be in stock just recently at Sephora for $46.00 CAD, under the idea that it is still "limited edition." This is the Amazonian clay eyeshadow palette by Tarte. My thoughts are that they are probably trying to sell off old stock, but this is still a great palette to have on hand, in my opinion.

During the holidays, it was sold in a three-piece set, most ideally as gifts. As it is being sold on it's own, I honestly think it is a bit of a rip-off though. Maybe this post can help you decide whether or not you may want it while it's still up for sale. Check it!

I actually did bring this with me on holidays since it's a very sleek palette. It is a 6 x 6 inch height and width square, with a less-than centimeter depth, so definitely able to stow away flat without complaint. Also, made with hard cardboard which I find very sturdyand durable.

You gotta dig the packaging though. Seriously, who doesn't love gold over a royal violet?
This is what it looks like inside, minus the ghetto scotch tape. It's there so I can keep track of what the eyeshadow names are. For some reason, that's important to me, so when companies create a separate plastic sheet instead of print the eyeshadow names on the actual packaging, I find it super annoying! *huff And yes, I taped the sheet down so the lid can close comfortably too.
Here we are, up close and personal. You can tell I've had my grubby paws in it a bunch. You get ten mattes and six shimmers. I know I can make a lot of different looks with this palette by itself.

Also, with these shadows, I can tell that these are more earthy tones, and will most definitely, compliment any skin tone.

Swatches, shall we?

From left to right: tickled pink(matte), playful plum(matte), radiant rosewood(matte), and sage advice(shimmer).
What I like about each row, is that you could match these all up in a single look, and they would compliment each other. This palette also offers a great mix of cool and warm-toned shades.
Second row: beaming bronze(shimmer), grateful grey(matte), alluring almond(matte), and hot cocoa(shimmer). 
Hot cocoa is one of my favourite shades.
Third row: ideal ivory(matte), roasted chestnut(shimmer), buttercream frosting(shimmer), and pumped up purple(matte).
The most chalky one in this palette is ideal ivory.
Last row: marvelous mocha(matte), truly taupe(shimmer), peachy keen(matte), and blissful brown(matte).
Marvelous mocha, first, is a nice taupe-y colour. I used this one a lot for shading in my brows. It just has a nice, natural matte finish. I like truly taupe partnered up with blissful brown in the crease for a nice evening look.

I do like the versatility of this palette. I find I'm using it a lot, and would recommend it to any one who likes to wear earthy tones, and casual daytime looks.

Already have this one, or think you'll pick it up?



Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sephora and Tarte's Summer 500 Point Perk Pick Up

Just a quick post on my 500 Point Perk Pick-Up at Sephora, Toronto from a couple of weeks ago. The giant Sephora at the Eaton Centre downtown had this as a perk as part their point system when you sign up for being a Sephora Beauty Insider.
I am already such a huge fan of Tarte. I think their products are amazing for being paraben-free, cruelty-free, and vegan-friendly. The company's creator was known for wanting to use makeup that is actually good for you, and friendly to your skin. The company was recently bought this year from a cosmetics company called Kose, and they are known for testing their cosmetics on animals. I've read that Tarte will maintain their good name by continuing to operate the same, cruelty-free. I hope that's true. I really do love Tarte products.

Anyway, the kit includes everything that's labelled there on the box cover. It comes with a deluxe-sized of their famous park ave princess Amazoniam clay bronzer at 3.2 g (0.11 oz), a deluxe-sized Amazonian clay smart mascara with 5 ml (0.16 fl oz), 15 ml tube (0.5 fl oz) of their Brazilliance maracuja self tanner, a 2 g (0.07 oz) packet of their maracuja C-brighter eye treatment, and a single use face towelette of the Brazilliance self tanning.
No swatches this time, as I'm unsure as to if I'll even use the self tanning stuff. The bronzer was something I really wanted to try out, but with the shimmer in it, I may just use it as an eyeshadow. I'm already in love with their mascaras, and the eye treatment I've already emptied into a small jar. A little really goes a long way with that stuff.

Thanks for tuning into this quick Show and Tell post. I do have some more Tarte material to type about coming real soon here. =)