Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Cheek Tint Insider with bareMinerals

I grabbed this five piece set from the bareMinerals' site. They tend to have a lot of different sales throughout so I spoiled myself a little bit this time.
BareMinerals showcases a lot of different kits sold year-round on their site. This one introduces their cheek tint, which I think is a new product... or newish? They still have the kit on sale via their website.
You get a lip gloss, two eye shadows, the cheek tint, and a double-ended brush. This is one of the first kits I've picked up from bareMinerals, so I was surprised to see they have a unique sifting system for their bigger powder jars.
The bigger jars come with a little instructional guide on how to get your product opened.
Basically, just pull the tab in order to use your product. After that, with the arrows you see there in the second picture, you can easily slide the sifter open and close. Very neat and keeps your powders from getting overly messy. =D
The brush is double-ended with synthetic bristles. They are soft to the touch. The face brush is a little too small for blush application, but it can do the job with the cheek tint in the kit if used with a very light hand. You'll see why I say very light handling is best. The eye shadow brush is soft against the skin too. The set is stiffer but the make is similar to the blush side.
From left to right, we have the two eye colours; panache and smolder, the cheek tint in flirt, and the lip gloss in cherry bomb.

The eye colours do compliment each other all right. The kits says that smolder is a liner shadow, so you can work it as an eye liner with panache as the all over eye colour. I never seem to get over the quality of bareMinerals' eye shadows. While they can be messy at times, being loose, I find the colour pay-off and the quality overall in the formula is never disappointing. Smolder is my favourite from this kit.

You can see I tried sheering out the cheek tint swatch. It's very vibrant! With the brush, it does sheer down nicely. You just have to watch how much you apply. With bareMinerals, I find their "swirl and tap" advice definitely works well when considering this blush.

The lip gloss is the only thing I would say is disappointing. The box in the first picture above kind of sells this as a vibrant-ass gloss, but when applied, it's not as vivid as how the box's picture sells it. The colour pay-off isn't as disappointing as the formula really... It's a very sticky lip gloss. Don't get me wrong, but I do love bareMinerals' Moxie lip glosses, but this was definitely more sticky and uncomfortable than what I'm used to from bareMinerals or BUXOM, which is of the same parent company, Bare Escentuals.

Anyway, I think that's all I have to say about this kit. Thanks for reading!