Sunday, August 24, 2014

My Last Ipsy Bag and Reasons Why I Cancelled

I've gone and cancelled my Ipsy Bag subscription, and I'm not really sad to say it.
This is my August Glam Bag and it'll be my last, I'm afraid. There were a fair amount of reasons why I decided not to continue my subscription. I will get on with the bag first before I rant, and vent, and justify my cancellation.

The bag itself this month isn't a bad bag really. Besides the plastic smell of it, I was surprised at the new shape it came in -- Just a cylindrical bag with an orange zip.

The first point I will add to my reasons is the collection of the small Ipsy bags. I have about ten or so at the very least, and I'm not using any of them for anything. They're piling up in a corner of my room and collecting dust. I think I will be giving my least favourite ones away so I don't collect too much clutter.
The first item I reached for is this Jersey Shore Sun lip conditioner. I love this Mandarin Orange lipbalm. It's an organic product that I'm thinking of looking up. This smells like lime throughout, and I looove citrus-smelling lippies. It's been a positive addition to my lipbalm storage.
The next item is this mini Lord & Berry khol-liner in #1001 Black SILK. It has a lovely matte finish, and has a very good staying quality. I've yet to test it on the eyes, but I think it would be flattering with dramatic looks.
This sheer glo shimmer lotion from MANNA is something I know I won't use. The idea of a shimmery lotion is to mix in with your foundation or concealer to add a "radiant look," but I really don't fancy wearing shimmery all-over creams or lotions as a whole. Anybody else dig that sexy vampire look? I gotcha covered if you do. ;)
By all means, I mean my cancellation to have a positive send off... sort of. The last item I'll ever get from Ipsy, for now, is this new mini Urban Decay mascara in Perversion. It is part of the same named series by Urban Decay. Here is the accommodating eyeliner set that is newly available. I love their liners; I have to say they're probably along the lines of the best liners out there.

This mini mascara will definitely be loved. I find they're great for traveling and such, being all mini, you know. *Teehee! I love the smoky graphic on the tube too.

Now, to get one with the rest of my "reasonings" behind my cancellation. I am aware that all the items I received are mostly sample sizes, and being that Ipsy is a $10 (USD) service ($14.95 Canadian -- for me!), it is a nice once-a-month deal. For me, I felt that part of the service was the customization quiz that the site offers each time you receive a bag is way off. I think it failed me for one, and as with each bag I received, I was not getting items that I would likely actually use. I felt like I was throwing out more of these small items and samples rather than actually getting anything that was worth it personally.

When signing up to Ipsy, there is an extensive quiz with which to start out your first bag. The major points by them include what your style is, brands you'd like to receive from, and an all encompassing, most identifying point of choosing your skin tone and hair colour. I'd have figure they would actually have your quizzes and personal taste at heart with the "customization," but it's been a real random repetitive road trip. Trying saying that fives times fast.

Even attempting to cancel with Ipsy was frustrating in itself. I've done some research, online, verbally through other people, and personally with trying to cancel cold turkey. Ipsy's system makes you go through the process of clicking cancel, why you're cancelling, and check your inbox for this cancellation email THREE TIMES. My sister cancelled her Ipsy just last month, and she furiously had to verify three to four times before the email actually showed up in her inbox. Mine showed after three attempts, and from what I gather on the internet, a lot of others have had this problem too. By the third round, I just wanted Ipsy to let me live my life in peace. *huff

It is safe to say, Ipsy is an affordable subscription service. I just don't think they cater to people who have varying styles really. From my months and months of experience with this, I felt that a lot of these items have mostly gone to waste.

For now, I think i will stay subscribed to Topbox, as I haven't had a feel fail box yet. For us Canadians, it is a lot more affordable than dearest Ipsy too (At $12 a box!).

Thanks for tuning in. Stay tuned for August's Topbox.