Wednesday, August 27, 2014

August Topbox Goodies

Here is my August Topbox Goodies. I opted for the baggy they have on request this time. I felt the big tube that came with my last one is a bit excessive for packaging. I did turn the last one into a piggy bank though!
The first item is this little container of nail polish remover pads from Belvada Cosmetics. This is your ideal nail polish remover pack on-the-go. I'm surprised they come with a whoopin' 28 pads. It's very condensed down. It's a Canadian product, being from Montreal, and is acetone-free, which I appreciate. The bonus is the scent; It actually smells delightfully like grape juice. My sister received the watermelon scent. Please do not consume.

I'm not sure where you can pick this pack up. Their website doesn't seem to sell the container at all, and there is no list price. I think it is a brand new product they are letting us sample at. Very nice. =)
There are three of these packs of hair colour caring oil by Matrix in the August Topbox. I don't have any other colour in my hair at the moment, but I am thinking maybe I should put some purple or red in the mix. Maybe then I can test these out. This is a new collection infused with Moroccan argan oil. I do love a good oil to rub in my hair for that extra care and moisture. They do help with split ends too.

This is also a new product that isn't available via their site too, but the Topbox card says to find a salon that may carry it.
This is the Wild Flower Macadamia Oil Hand Cream by Barefoot Venus. The product is your standard hand cream, feels nice and moisturizing when applied. The only downfall is the strong scent that comes with it. It's smells tangy, flowery, fruity, and musky all-in-one, but not unpleasant.

I do like the packaging; the graphic on the bottle is quite nice. This 60 mL goes for about $5.99 on their site at
They've also included a 20% off coupon once again, for any purchases on their site. Feel free to use this one at checkout: TOPBOX 2014. It expires Sept 15, 2014.
Lastly, we have a full product by LAQA & Co. It's their Sheer Lip Lube in Bees Knees. The tube doesn't list the name of the shade, but the card says it's in Bees Knees. Individually, they're ridiculously priced at $20 (CAD) each, available at their site, I checked, and it says they're priced at $18 each, but there is also a pack where you can grab all the shades for $40. I'm not sure why they are priced like that.

Compared to their Fat Lip Pencils, with which I received in my May 2014 Topbox (You'll have to scroll down), I think I like the Sheer Lip Lubes better. This feels more moisturizing when applied. This shade probably doesn't suit my skin tone very much, but I do like the finish and how it feels on my lips. There is a light minty scent to it as well.

And that is it, folks! This month I think I got a great l'il handful of products. Thanks for tuning in, and hope the rest of your summer is awesome!