Thursday, June 19, 2014

MAC's Alluring Aquatic Nail Polish and Eye Shadows

If you haven't seen my preview of MAC's Alluring Aquatic Lippies and Cheekies post, you can check that out there. This is a continuation!

Once again, MAC Cosmetics is available online, but when shopping MAC, I would always, always, ALWAYS recommend shopping at your local MAC counter. Their online store is just notorious for always selling out of new products within the first few minutes... MINUTES! I know MAC is available at Hudson's Bay (Canadian), Nordstrom or MACY'S (American), and just you know, your stand alone shops. Go there, and you'll definitely get what you want. I know I did. x3

So we have one polish of three that's available. 

This is Submerged. In the bottle, it looks like a monochromatic base of navy, sea green, teal, and violet hints. It's like all of those colours in one polish.
This is the first MAC nail lacquer I own. I usually don't bother getting them just because the prices are really expensive (insert another MAC gripe here). The packaging is pretty though, right?

You get 10 ml (0.34 fl oz) for $21.00 CAD ($17.50 USD). Yes, I know, expensive. Whew! *pats wallet with 'kerchief

I apologize, as my camera negates the purple hue that this polish gives personally. The purple is more noticeable in warmer lighting. 

While this lacquer appears just as vivid here, it is accomplished with three coats at the very least. I found three thin coats work very well. And, since it's a faster drying polish, you don't have to wait for too long after application either.

Last, but not least, we have the "Extra Dimension" eye shadows. I have five of the six shades available, and I can tell you, I am damn impressed by all of these. Check it!

Oh yes... And you think they look great in the pan?? Just wait till you see the swatches.
BAM, BABY! First, Lorelei is a bright peachy, golden champagne colour. The middle shade is Soul Serenade which is a deep mauve shade. And the third one there is Legendary Lure, which is a deep sea green.

Just a small trivia addition about the name Lorelei. It means "alluring enchantress," or "temptress." Lorelei comes from the name of a rock headland on the Rhine River, where it marks the narrowest part of the river between Switzerland and the North Sea, and shoots up to around 120 meters above the water. It is incidentally where a strong current and where sharp rocks are that cause a lot of boating accidents. Lorelei was the name of a maiden, feminine water spirit, siren, or mermaid, that lived on the rock, who used her beautiful songs to lure fishermen to their deaths. Woooo~ *ghosty hands
The last two is Fathoms Deep (FAVE), which is a deep purple-y, indigo blue, and Silver Sun is a lovely light olive green.

The sixth shade I didn't grab was Sea Worship, which is a full-on golden shimmery colour. 

I have to say... YES, these shadows are worth all the hype. They apply so smoothly on to the skin, and they blend like a dream. You do have to be careful with how you pick up the product, because I found the shadows are quite soft. Each shadow comes with 1.3 g (0.04 oz) of product for $22.50 CAD ($19.50 USD).

Yep, expensive (internal sigh!), but I think my grabs on the shadows were so worth it. I have peaked at a few "Extra Dimensional" products released by MAC previously, and I've only been interested this time 'round, so I definitely think they made their mark worth it on this collection.

Thank you muchly for reading! Hope you dig the new banner. It's a lot more simple, but I'm sure you'll notice more updates regarding the spot later on too.