Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June 2014 Ipsy Glam Bag Goodies

Lalalaaa! Ipsy Glam Baaaaaaaag~!

I love this bag. It has been tastefully added to my favourite bags from Ipsy. I feel like I could actually take this one out with me as a simple clutch... Yeah, I think I will. What a great idea. First idea, best idea~! =D

Not bad, not bad! I think there was really only one product I knew right away I wouldn't use. Otherwise, I'm definitely not disappointed with this bag.
Let's just get this one out of the way. This is Be A... Bombshell's lash out mascara. I know I won't be using this product, mainly because of the ingredients. I'm just very conscious of using products with parabens around my eyes. It's one of my big makeup sensitivities, and just something I know my eyes will take a long time in recovering -- At least two weeks! They make my eyes irritated and eyelids puffy. =_=;

And actually, any stuff I have from Be a... Bombshell has always been from Ipsy or another subscription-based beauty box. I've already received two from Ipsy. I will definitely review this on the site as something I don't want once again. =P

This is Marc Anthony's Dream Waves Beach Spray. "Create sexy, tousled/ beach waves/ all year long." From my research, this seems like a great hair spray that works best with well planning. This worked well in giving me a "beachy, tousled" hair look, but the waves weren't really there (or, didn't stay). I do have to experiment more with maybe adding curls, or twisting the hair, and pinning it to dry. It does work well, but also does the same job any great hair mousse could do too. I got 45 ml (1.52 floz) of hair spray, and the usual 125 ml (4.2 fl oz) size goes for $12.99 CAD at Well.ca, or $8.99 USD at Ulta.com.
Here's a product I know I love; Do you?? Here's my post about how much I looooove NYX's Butter Glosses. They are everything I love in a lip gloss; sheer colour with a bit of a pop, light sweet scent, comfortable to wear, and non-sticky. The shade I received from Ipsy is Apple Strudel, BLG08, which I already had in my collection. It's a kind of pink that will look nice with any kind of look. I'm actually not disappointed. That's how much I love this gloss. You get 8 ml (0.27 fl oz) of lippy goodness, and they usually retail between $4.99 and $6.99 at your nearest drugstore (that carries NYX Cosmetics).

The photograph is new, but of the gloss I showcased before. I'm putting the one from Ipsy into a backup pile, unopened for now. *pets

This is Nicka K New York's Shimmer Eyeliner in Green, NF008. I like the green shimmery pop of this product. The only thing I don't really like is the applicator. It's supposed to be a flexible plastic tip, but the very end isn't tapered smoothly so it kind of scratches at the skin when applying it on. It's a great summery colour though! Got 2.8 g (0.1 oz) of eyeliner, and it's sold at their site for $4.99 USD.
Here's a swatch of NYX's Apple Strudel, and Nicka K's Green Shimmer Eyeliner. Even swatched together, I think these pair nicely. Yeeeah... First idea, best idea~! Thank you Ipsy!
And this is the left over remnants of the shimmer eyeliner after eye makeup remover and scrubbing a bit too. You know it's a good budge-proof eyeliner when it stains your skin. If you have this one, make sure to use a good eye primer underneath to avoid staining your eye lids.
And lastly, we have Laneige's BB Cushion. It's a product that Michelle Phan (Ipsy creator) has been showcasing in a few of her videos for the past few months. I have been very curious about this product. Laneige is a Korean brand (I think...) that has a store in every major Asian country, plus one in New Zealand, and one exclusively in good ol' Canada. They do sell at Target in the US (not Canada though, boo!).
The product is inside the pamphlet. What's great is that it comes with three different shade sponges and a replica puff (of the original size) to use with.
You get a small sponge soaked with product. It's cool to the touch so it makes for comfortable application.
Now I know what you're thinking... Why aren't I swatching the right colour? It's because I'm going to save the right colour for a good day. *Squeeeee! I find this is actually a great BB cream product.

BB creams are supposed to give you an all-in-one kind of deal; coverage like a foundation, hydrating like a moisturizer, and sometimes SPF, which this one does cover with SPF50+. A lot of reviewers tend to say BB creams are "just tinted moisturizers," but I find that good BB creams (like this one!) give you better benefits.

The pamphlet says it gives you the "5-in-one Flawless Skin" benefit. Brightening for reducing redness. Protection with SPF50+ from UVA/UVB rays. "Cools and Moisturizes" with mineral water. It has a neat, mattifying point to it that says it has an "Exclusive sweat-proof oil inhibitor [that] regulates and prevents sebum buildup." And, the last point is the radiant finish and lasting coverage.

It feels comfortable on the skin, and blends effortlessly. It does say to reapply every 2 hours, so it's not a long wearing BB cream, which is the standard, I feel, and that's okay. Any BB cream I've tried before feels the same, if not drier. It has a bit of a fragrance to it, like a slightly fruity, but perfume-y sort of smell. It's not overwhelming, and kind of adds a luxurious feel to it, so it kind of makes this product feel like a "high-end" BB cream. I think its main selling point is the SPF50+.

I had a lot to say about the BB Cushion, because I think it's a great product. I will actually be in Toronto next week, so I think checking out the Laneige spot might be a set plan. For anyone wondering, it's at 685 Bloor Street West. =D

This was an example of a random, but good quality sample provided in a subscription bag. This is the main reason I find subscription bags great, because of the opportunity to use new, unheard-of products. Ipsy offers that for $10 a month, with the additional $4.95 for shipping to Canada. Still, a great collection of products, and a reusable bag for a good price.

Thanks for seeing what I got this month from Ipsy. I hope you are having a lovely summer thus far!

~Misty *boop