Thursday, June 05, 2014

NYX Butter Glosses - Yum!

These NYX butter glosses were released last year, but have been available to Canadians since last month or so, I believe. I purchased a few from, which is a great site that sells makeup products to Canadians that don't usually sell locally or for affordable shipping. Lucky for us, they are now available at any NYX line. And if you're still wondering where to grab NYX locally, I have spotted full lines at London Drugs, and they are newly popping up at Rexall's around too.

There were originally twelve shades, but as of last month, there are now twenty-two shades altogether. I'm not sure when the new shades will be available locally, but they are available at FTB Beauty.

I am spotting a lot of newer flavours or shades in the line on FTB Beauty, so I anticipate probably splurging a lil more... And hey! they're drugstore products so they sell around $4.99 to $6.99 at the drugstore.
This neat little package I spotted at the Urban Outfitters (Warning on that link... There's a nakey girl in her underwear on the front page, currently ;) ) at West Edmonton Mall. It retailed for $12.00 (CAD) when I picked it up, and I saw them part of a promotion at London Drugs.
The blurb covered by the applicator says, "Butter me up/ with divine gloss/ that feels like it/ melts on lips."

As the picture says, you get 8 ml (0.27 fl. oz.) of yummy lippy glossiness in each tube. The applicator is a regular doe-foot. I tend to use two dips for a comfortable amount of product on the lips. They feel so emollient and "buttery" when applied. Each shade has a uniquely sweet scent to them. I have to give props to NYX Cosmetics, because the scent isn't overbearing, or synthetic-like. I have been using these non-stop. And to top it off, they're all named after delicious desserts. =P

I'll show the swatches in order, left to right, from the first image above.
The first is Cherry Pie (or BLG12). It was from the Sweet Temptations collection, but is sold on it's own too. I think it's the only shade that isn't very complimentary to my complexion. I just can never pull off red. *shrug

The second shade is probably my favourite, oddly enough. It's called Peach Cobbler(BLG06). I say it's odd, because I never thought I could pull off coral, and this is a bright coral shade that somehow appeals to my playful side. I found this one shade is very popular among the rabble too. =P

The next two are Maple Blondie(BLG11) and Apple Strudel(BLG08). You can kind of guess why I'm pairing them together. They are very similar with maybe a smidgen of shade difference. The light pink shades are both wearable, and great for casual accents. Apple Strudel was part of the Sweet Temptations pack.
Here I switched the first and the second shade from the initial photo. We have Tiramisu(BLG07), which is a great nude colour. I find it is the perfect compliment to being a "my-lips-but-better" shade. And yes, that term is used in the makeup world. You can stop frowning at your computer screen now.

Éclair(BLD02), which is the last shade from the Sweet Temptations collection, is a cooler shade of pink. I think this one is a nice spring treat.

Lastly, there be ye gorgeous fuchsia shade called Strawberry Parfait(BLG01). It's the most "vampy" colour I got. It definitely is that pop of colour you can add to a party look. I really like this one too. *smoochy face

Thanks for tuning in. Think you'll grab one of these? I'm definitely going to grab a couple of the new shades. >.> Don't judge me!