Wednesday, June 18, 2014

MAC's Alluring Aquatic Lippies and Cheekies

If anyone knows me well, they know I don't regularly purchase MAC Cosmetics because, simply put, they are way too expensive. Like, WAY TOO EXPENSIVE. They tend to have tons and tons of limited collections to re-promote old colours, and sometimes just promote permanent colours, therefore trying to justify the higher price tags with their limited edition packaging.

However, at times, MAC does come out with some great products and re-promotes. And this summer collection is an example of a good well-rounded collection.

Not gonna lie... I went a little nuts for MAC's Alluring Aquatic Summer 2014 Collection. The reason I have been putting off opening all the glorious packaging is because I didn't want to get fingerprints on the GORGEOUS packaging! >_>;

The packaging is a bit more teal than it shows from my camera. I am investing in a new lamp real soon. As you can see, the packaging MAC came out with is absolutely stunning and simple. It's like you left your makeup out in the rain and let it accumulate perfect water droplets all 'round.
It has been out since May, and is available at your nearest MAC counter. I suggest visiting your local counters rather than buying from their site. There has been a lot of bad customer service regarding items not included that you've paid for, providing proof of missing items, etc. (I know what you're thinking.), and the big thing about new collections is that items are almost always sold out in the first few minutes of new launches online. So if you want to get a hold of these, they are limited-ly available at your local MAC counters.

Another thing I love about this collection is the reference to the mythical creatures known as sirens. MAC backs that up with the promotion featuring a gal under water. Here's the video promotion on Youtube:

Very pretty and very appropriate. =D And now, to the makeup!

I know what you're thinking... "Moisture is the essence of wetness... and wetness is the essence of beauty." (Link)

Anyway, this will be a two-part series, because I did grab quite a few things. This post includes one of each; a lipstick, a lipgloss, a blusher, and a bronzer.

On the left, we have a "lipglass" (MAC's term for a lipgloss) called Seducing Sound, and a cremesheen lipstick (a type of MAC lipstick) called Mystical.
You get your standard lipstick bullet. I love the MAC logo printed in blue at the bottom of black inner casing. You can only get a small glimpse of it in this lighting. It is kind of dark. You get 3 g (0.1 oz) of lipstick for $21.00 CAD (or $17.50 USD).
The lipglass applicator is a small doe-foot brush. I used two dips for my lips, but I found three gives you an even amount of colour for classy glossy finish. ;) You've got 4.8 ml (0.16 fl oz) of lipglass for $20.00 CAD ($16.50 USD). It matches nicely with Mystical. I promise; I'll show you~ *Vanna White hands
BAM! Swatches of Mystical and Seducing Sound by themselves, and the third, is both combined. Nyah, nyah! *nudges* Pretty right!? *slow nod

Mystical isn't completely matte. It has the shiny, creamy quality to it that MAC describes as a "cremesheen." Even by itself, I think it's nice as is. Seducing Sound has a light sweet caramel-esc scent to it. I tried this by itself too, and it turned out too dry and sticky on my lips. I do suggest applying it over a lipstick, like the third swatch above.

Next I have the "Extra Dimension Blush" in Sea Me, Hear Me, and the "Extra Dimension Bronzing Powder" in Delphic.

Now, from my research, it seems that whenever MAC comes out with "Extra Dimensional" anything, they are apparently worth the hype. They also have a shimmering aspect to them, and they have this specific pressed wave design on the product. I find the design very eloquent. This is the first time I've owned anything "Extra Dimensional," and I'm finding it kind of cool!
Alas, I think Delphic (bronzer) is a bit too orange, but I am determined to continue making it work. Sea Me, Hear Me is a gorgeous colour, especially against my tone, I think. The shimmer isn't too apparent in both swatches, which definitely makes them wearable and photo-friendly.

The Alluring Aquatic collection is available now, if only for a short time. Check them out if you think you'd dig the beautiful shades.

Up next, I do have a nail polish and five of the eye shadows they came out with this collection. You can click here to see the post on Alluring Aquatic Eye Shadows and Nail Polish.

Thanks for reading, seeing, and jiving with this blog post. ;P