Friday, June 20, 2014

June 2014 Topbox Goodies

... It's a tube!

Anyway, this is what Topbox's usual packaging is every month. The cardboard is thick, and comes with a white plastic lid. I think the idea is to reuse the tube for storage, or decorating... I usually toss mine in to the Recycle. Nice wrapping paper though.

June's goodies are as follows. This time, I received a standard of four products in my Topbox tube. Check it!
For those who don't know what Topbox is, it is a beauty box subscription site. That is, it gives the promise of 4-5 products per tube. My June tube came with these four products and a card that describes what products I received, and what they cost given it's not a sample. The waiting list is usually long though. I think I had to wait 3 months or so, to actually get subscribed.
This is China Glaze's Feel the Breeze, 1312. It's part of China Glaze's new Off Shore Summer Collection this year. Nail polishes are usually almost always given the full-sized product for these subscriptions. This is the perfect example. 14 ml (0.5 fl oz) of nail lacquer, which usually retails from $10-14. The finish is a semi-matte cream.

I'm not very impressed with this formula at all. The card says, "These unique lacquers contain China Clay as a nail hardener, the same material that gives porcelain its shiny finish." The formula requires 2 full coats, that seemed really goopey. I tend to shake my nail polishes well and at least an hour before I apply them on, in order for no product separation and to minimize bubbles. Well, even after an hour wait, I still seemed to have bubbles form on the nail when applying. You can tell on my pinkie against the shadow, and even on the middle finger it is still apparent. This is when the product has dried too. I definitely recommend using a top coat over this polish, because the China Clay nail hardener ingredient makes this polish crack easily after a few hours of application. It's a nice colour, but not exactly what I'm looking for in a nail polish.
Next, we have the Cherry Crush Lip Fable by Barefoot Venus. This is the full product at 4 g (0.14 oz). It goes for $7.50, and is only available through the website While you're there, and if you see something you like, you can pop in this coupon, code: TOPBOX, at checkout that'll give you 20% off. Expires August 15, 2014. It just came with the lippy. This isn't sponsored.
The top of the tin slides open like this, and can slide entirely off. I'm not sure it'd be best to just pop it into your purse as is, since the tin is a bit flimsy. The product itself has a beeswax base, so you will only get product by rubbing your finger over the surface and applying directly to the lips. It's a nice light cherry scent, almost like a cherry bubblegum. I really like this balm. It's a convenient size, great for on-the-go (Just be careful of the tin lid sliding right off), and comfortable as all lip balms should be.
The third item is Vasanti's Brighten Up! face exfoliating cleanser. I haven't tried this product just yet, but I am looking forward to it. The texture is somewhat dry, and has a thick, grainy feel to it. The card says to use it 3-5 times a week, but I feel like it might be too harsh for my skin, so I might just try it as an once-a-week thing. That's just my opinion from feeling the product. Available only at =P
Lastly, is Bioderma's Atoderm shower gel. I'm already a huge fan of Bioderma's Sensibio H20 makeup remover. I tend to always have a backup of the product on hand. It's just that good. This shower gel is everything I expected it to be too. It's gentle, and works wonders just cleansing the skin. This is a great product for anyone, babies included. It says so on the tube. The 500 ml goes for $14.95 (I know, SO affordable!!), and is available at Shoppers Drug Mart, Rexall, Murale, Jean Coutu, Uniprix, Brunet, and Familiprix. I don't know what those last four drugshops are, but I'm pretty sure they're Canadian. =D

Thanks for checking out what I got from Topbox this month. From my peers, I've found you either got this "generic" tube, or you got the Glam Glow mud mask by choice.

Stay tuned for my June Ipsy Glam Bag post.