Monday, April 21, 2014

Belladonna Spellbound Nail Lacquer by Liberty Republic

This polish was featured in my March Wantable subscription beauty box. This is Spellbound Nail Lacquer by Liberty Republic's Belladonna. Unfortunately, this was a collaboration between Wantable and Jordan Liberty of Liberty Republic, and so the lacquers were only available here, from what I recall, but the box with all seven shades is discontinued now. You can try your hand at subscribing to Wantable to get a lacquer. You have to make sure that your quiz is checked for receiving nail polishes, but receiving one of Spellbound is somewhat random, I think.
I would have liked to try the other shades, but even I was late to that party.

You get a square shaped top and bottle. I have seen some blogs feature the lid and brush handle as separate pieces, but mine was a simple all-in-one twist brush that worked with no problems. The brush is of a simple standard make; it's not overall large or small, but application does require more dipping. You get 14.8 ml (0.50 oz) of polish in this bottle.
Now this is a lovely shade to start off with the Spring. It is a light, strawberry milk colour. I found that with two thin coats applied on the nails, there is still a bit of streakiness happening. With three coats, it definitely looks more solid.

While opacity is a little bit of an issue, the formula, even with three coats, does not feel heavy on the nails. I find it a very comfortable formula. A lot of polishes tend to vary in density, and this one I find comparable to essie's polishes. With such a luxurious quality to it, I am very curious to try more of Liberty Republic's polishes now. Too bad I may not be able to anymore.

I do also like Liberty Republic's logo. Very fitting, simple, and tasteful. =)