Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Brazil: Beach Sandies by OPI

Beach Sandies featuring liquid sand mini nail lacquers from the Brazil Collection by OPI. I think these liquid sands polishes are only available in the minis for the Brazil Collection. I'm not entirely sound on that one. The box has only four mini lacquers of 3.75mL(1/8 FL Oz.) each. I would say this box ranges from $12 to $19 (CAD). I purchased it for $14 myself at a salon, but I have seen them go up to $18 something, which is super expensive!
First, from left to right, we have Samba-dy Loves Purple, which is a vivid magenta violet. I'm Brazil Nuts Over You is the neon pink shade. Next, is What's a Little Rain Forest? which is a vibrant sky blue colour. And lastly, your highly pigmented sunshine yellow; You're So Flippy Floppy.
Now these textured nail polishes are as fun as the names they were given! These are featured with two coats on my nails, and which the box implies for "optimum textured finish." They are all so highly vivid, with the exception of the yellow sandie being a tiny bit more translucent. I figure you will need at least 3-4 coats to really cover your nail bed.

They all have tiny accommodating glitter particles that shine nicely. The finish is textured, but not too heavy on the nails. I tend to find a lot of these textured polishes feel heavier than regular polishes when applied, but these mini sandies actually feel a lot more comfortable. When dried, the sparkle lasts, and the textures are consistently a lot more smooth than expected. I would definitely say these are more wearable for casual and fun looks. 

These polishes really hit their mark. Whatever OPI has done with the liquid sands formula for these minis, I don't care; I want more!

Thanks for checking in with these swatches. If you liked it, please share. Did you grab these too??