Friday, March 28, 2014

Previous Polish Progressions Part 2 of 3 (2012 Edition) featuring Konad Nail Art Stamps

This is the second part of my recordings of nail polishes photographed in 2012.

The nail looks were made by using any standard nail polish as a base, and the Konad Stamping nail art kit my parents gave me from their trip to Las Vegas. From what I know, Konad isn't readily available here in Canada, though I did bump into a merchant once at the summer carnival here in Alberta (K-Days). They didn't come back the year after though. =/ is a Canadian online store that sells Konad. I haven't bought from them yet so I can't really vouch how the shipping and handling is. The Official Konad site is here, and the company is based in Korea.

Nail art stamping kits aren't exclusive just from Konad. There are different companies that readily have these kits available. This is just the only kit I have and can review.
My parents got me the B set stamping kit. My mom says she picked it up at the Las Vegas Premium Outlet on the North side for about the original price at $45(USD). It was available at a random kiosk. We don't know if it's still there now. It was about 3 years ago, so apologies on outdated information. The Konad site has it listed at $31.45(USD) right now, but it's out of stock at the moment. There are others too so have a gander.

Konad Set B comes with 3 Special Nail Polishes, 4 image plates, a stamper, and a scraper. Konad does have their own line of regular nail polishes. The ones with the kit are "special," because there is something about the formula that lets you clean them off your plates easily and without staining.

To use the kit, lay out your desired plate/pattern, and dab a drop on a  your pattern. You don't really need a lot of product, and I can't emphasize that enough - it will help you save more product. The scraper is used to wipe the nail polish over the pattern. Then take your stamper, roll to grab your pattern, and then roll over your desire position on the nail. The rolling parts are important because it will pick up your pattern and lay them down on your nail with the most success. It is time consuming and messy, so use some newspaper, or scrap paper for your "work area." Use a top coat when the pattern has dried so it doesn't streak.
These are the image plates and the scraper in the smaller square packaging. You can see I did do the mistake of staining some of the images when using a regular polish. The scrapper's handle isn't very cleanable by acetone(nail polish remover), since acetone is corrosive to plastic, so it ended up looking like this (=_=;;). The scraper isn't anything special except that the metal part is stainless steel. For me, I'm completely content using a standard hard plastic card, like a library card or a coffee card, as my scraper. They're actually easier to clean and are reusable. Reduce, reuse, recycle folks!

Also the bottom two plates were from that merchant at the summer carnival I mentioned. I like that the patterns aren't just standalone art, but patterns and nail tip patterns are available too. The plates have a HUGE range of patterns available, and with the mention of other companies that sell nail art stamping kits, I'm sure there are endless amounts of combinations.

Now, some of the look-backs! Again apologies for the quality of the photos. They were taken with a spoon of a phone camera back then.
Here are two butterfly designs are from the plates, m15 and m21 - the ones with the B set kit. They are stamped white on #170 Deep Purple by Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails' Xtreme Wear. This is just a lovely way to get into stamping. The detail you get is definitely worth the time. And that purple shade is something I love to keep going back to.
BAM! Here's to all my paintball players. Pardon the messy white background. This splatter was a lot of fun to utilize. You can switch it around with different colours for a paint splatter look, or even different red shades on a dark background for a gorier look. =P
This cute pattern was used in the spring time. It easily resembles an Easter egg. It is stamped on #205 Pink Blink by Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri series.
This was something I sported in October for obvious reasons. The middle finger is stamped white then black for that drop shadow effect.

So these are just a few ways of using your stamp nail art kit. I hope you liked this post. Please recommend it if you think it'll be a great read.