Friday, March 21, 2014

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Expansion Anticipation

For anyone who is interested, Diablo III is a stand alone game. You don't HAVE to play the previous Diablo games in order to understand this one. There is some shared lore, but the story and characters are pretty solid, in my opinion. =)

Diablo III is coming out with it's first expansion, Diablo III: Reaper of Souls on March 25th. This is one game that I actually played when it was originally released in 2012, but the previous account with Blizzard was not my own.
From the Blizzard Diablo3 media site.
So, during the past month or so, I have rebuilt my Demon Hunter from scratch, and it was definitely a helluva lot easier with the Community Event Buff (*PLUS* +50% more bonus experience). I believe the buff has been maxed to +100% more EXP for THIS WEEKEND ONLY. It is available only up until the day before the release of the expansion, and available only for PC and Mac. So you have until March 24th to level up your characters as much as you want. Three more days.  And apologies to my dearest console friends.
Concept art of Diablo's face, also from the Blizzard site.
I think we can expect the newly added character will definitely be popular to players who have been at this game for a long while, and to players who have missed the Paladin from Diablo 2. For those who don't know Diablo III well, you initially have the options to play Barbarians, Demon Hunters, Shamans, Wizards, and Monks. You don't get to choose their basic features, but you do get the option to pick the gender of your character. Personally, and I can vouch for my brothers too, I am definitely looking forward to creating the newly added Crusader. From what the D3 Wiki says, they already remind me of the days filled with Dungeons and Dragons, and my Lawful Good Cleric kicking butt. ;)

With the expansion, the level cap will be topped off at 70, whereas it was at 60.  Much like the expansions on the MMORPG, World of Warcraft, the caps have been extended a few more levels. I'm not sure that really helps with Blizzards' continuing love for making players level grind. Though with that said, I don't mind it with this game much since it's a fast-paced hack and slash game.

Another thing I am gleefully clapping my hands for, are additions to the Followers back stories. There were a lot of questions on my part that included Lyndon the Scoundrel's and Eirena the Enchantress' back stories, so I'm hoping Blizzard doesn't disappoint. Yeah, yeah, you can put Kormac the Templar in there somewhere too.

Tyrael, though, is by far my favourite character of the game. He is just so badass. I picked up this Pop! Games (Funko) figurine at a local EB Games. He was $9.99 (CAD). I just couldn't resist those little blue wings.

Lastly, I think we can all say we're looking forward to new loots. Since the Auction House has been shut down (as of Mar 18, 2014), I'm wondering how that will affect trading between players. Though I already think the Loot 2.0 version far outclasses the old system. Yay for less junk! 
I have noticed a few items meant for crusaders only, so it's just adding to my geeky anticipation.
Wings of Valor equipped in-game.
Yes, there is a huge plethora of new updates and shinies. I've only touched on a few things I'm looking forward to. You can check out all that new jazz right here. And, If you grab that pre-order BEFORE the release, you're going to get some pre-orderly loots (3 DAYS!). My screenshot doesn't really do the Wings of Valor much justice though. The long golden feathers flow and move like wiry waves, taking on the unique style of wings featured throughout the game.
No Wings equipped in-game. =(
My Demon Hunter decked out in Royal Dyed armor.
Anyway, thanks for tuning into my first video game post. If you guys are interested in the game, I recommend grabbing a copy to enjoy the Hells out of it. Cheers, and happy gaming!