Monday, March 24, 2014

Divergent + Sephora Collection

Just a disclaimer, I bought this collection mostly on the basis of the packaging. I don't know anything about the new film, or the novels for that matter, but I have heard good things. I have not read any of the novels, and anything related is probably just based off my knowledge of reading and watching ads for the movie. So I apologize if anyone who has read the novels is offended that I'm not a fan of the series, yet.
The kit is available exclusively at Sephora online. It's called the Divergent Multi-Piece Collector's Kit under Divergent Cosmetics, which is the promotional name of the makeup line. The retail price for the Collector's Kit is $71 (CAD). It's pretty big, just over 12 inches across by 9 inches wide, and 2 inches tall.

I happened to click by this collection while "window" shopping online at Sephora. It was one of those, "Hmm... Never seen this bef -- OMG It's beautiful!"

So yes, I kind of snatched it up before it was sold out the first time 'round. On another note, it was only available to Sephora VIB Rouge members when I purchased it at the time. This kit is currently out of stock, but I'm sure they will be available again on the site soon, and to everyone else. For now, Sephora has posted up a customer service number as this kit is so popular. So if you're wanting to grab one, give them a call to see if it's at a Sephora near you.
Sephora also has a 7-piece Nail Art Set and a smaller separate Palette Set available. They are retailing for $33 and $39 (CAD), respectively.
As I mentioned before, the "transformer" shades are swappable with the other eye shadow palettes, and they can be applied wet or dry. My advice is, if you're going for a more subtle look, to apply the transformers dry. Applied with a dampened brush, they are more vibrant and definitely have more presence. Choose just seems to have more sparkle.The mossy olive colour in Diverge (middle) has more body when applied wet as well. The only uneven shade is Transform (right most swatch).

The main attraction, for me, was the gorgeous lit-up Ferris wheel featured on the front/lid (top) of the packaging. The wheel's spokes and vertical supports have a holographic finish which kind of has that extra glowing effect on the dark background. The Ferris wheel is depicted on the inner lid too in a reverse gloss print. Very illuminating and just well put-together, in my opinion. So well, in fact, that I may just go see a movie that I would have otherwise waited until showings were out of theaters. 
The box is physically large, and you could stand it on its side, but the makeup inside will shift if you do. When I first opened the box, the lip glosses were strewn everywhere, so I would recommend storing it flat. The plastic insert seems reliable only for the palettes and brush.
Yes, I fell for the ARTISTIC packaging. It's a gift and a curse I tell you ...loving packaging as much as this, but loooook... the palettes inside piece together the entire Ferris wheel. It's geniuuusss!
The three eye shadow transformer shades on the ends can be swapped out by sliding the single eye shadow down along the silver "Divergent" decal.
The inside of the lid has an envelope with three different looks based on each of the eye palettes. They're nicely detailed with an illustrated gal, and a step-by-step process of styling your makeup.

Now, the moment you've all been waiting for... Makeup and swatches! Personally, I'm going to say I love the quality of these shadows. Sephora does not disappoint. All of these colours adhere to the skin very nicely, and pigment is out of this world. Some of the shadows feel more creamier than others. Fallout isn't too much of a problem here if you handle the product nicely. =D
From top to bottom, we have the Divergent Cheek Palette, the Erudite Eye Palette, the Dauntless Eye Palette, and the Abnegation Eye Palette.

Divergent Cheek Palette
We have two blushers, a highlighter, and a bronzer. Applied with a brush, the pigments can be sheered out to give you a natural glow. Obscure Coral is a warm flush with a light golden shimmer which makes for a dynamic cheek colour. Misty Rose is a cooler toned mauve colour, and the only cheek shade that is matte in the palette. Gleaming Pearl is spot on with it's name. It has a cooler, light golden shimmer which, I think, compliments Obscure Coral very well. Intelligent Bronze is a soft tan for a bronzer. Personally, I think this shade too close to my tone as a bronzer, and would work better as a complimenting eye shadow.

Erudite Eye Palette
The eye palettes all have very great quality for shadows. 
The Erudite Eye Palette has a light pink toned sparkle base called Choose as the "transformer" shade. Burnt Mahogany has very subtle peach shimmer particles in a dark sepia base. Radiant Initiation is the only matte shade, and is a pebble grey that appears more like a greyish latte in the pan. Peaceful Shimmer is my favourite shade in this palette as a peachy glistening colour. And Humble Sheen is a pearly shimmer with a very subtle pink tone.

Dauntless Eye Palette
The Dauntless Eye Palette has a more dramatic feel to it. The transformer shade is called Diverge, which appears as a dark olive shade is actually a dark base with darker gold glitter particles. Dauntless Ink is the darkest shade with a subdued shimmer. Applied, it looks more matte, and is the only shade that has uneven application. Abnegation Stone is the most mauvy taupe shimmer shade I will enjoy from this collection (sooo faved!). Erudite Sapphire is a darkened greyish blue with finer blue shimmer particles. Aaaand Serene Vanilla is the lightest colour in the collection as a whited out creme. You can't have darkness without the light. ;)

Abnegation Eye Palette
The Abnegation Eye Palette starts with a snowier transformer shade. Transform appears very close to Choose but as a silver glitter shadow. Applied dry, it's not very impressionable. Bold Espresso is your trademark dark coffee (Mmm... Yes please!). 
Intrepid Moss is more taupe-y than mossy, and has a nice complimenting golden shimmer. Golden Honesty is a shimmery light gold. And Altruistic Almond is a very light, matte beige colour.

These are the transformer shades applied dry, and then wet (with water). From left to right, we have Choose, Diverge, and Transform. They definitely have a more vibrant presence when applied with a wet or damp brush.

Divergent High Shine Lip Glosses
And here, we have 'em Divergent High Shine Lip Glosses. They look nice in the packaging, but they were the most disappointing of the Kit, in my opinion (>.>).
From left to right we have Fear Not, Natural Virtue, Supreme Ritual, and Temptation's Choice.
The glosses all have small doe-foot applicators. I find them a little inconvenient since you have to dip the wand in a few times to get enough product for application.
These are all very wearable glosses. Though with that said, the glosses all don't have very much pigment when applied, so they're not very exciting. Layering will give you more colour, but then it gets a l'il more gooey on the lips, and they aren't very long wearing. They might have more potential for fairer skin toned customers though. The glosses all have some kind of shimmer, mostly light pink, but all different. They aren't sticky, which is a plus one in my book when it comes to lip glosses. They all have a minty scent, and with it, tingly plump action. The scent isn't too overbearing, and the tingling isn't unpleasant, but if that's not your thing, then you can always use your own alternative nude gloss to complement the rest of the kit.
The quality is comparable to Buxom lip gloss products (which I looooove!). The packaging is adapted from Hourglass, and I think that is who Sephora teamed up with to make the kit. The labels on the back are very similar.

Double Ended Eye and Cheek Brush
And here we are with the one tool included with the Collector's Kit. The brushes are actually great quality. The bristles are synthetic, but also very soft. They're not as fine, but they get the job done nicely. 
The angled face brush is dense, but comfortable against the skin. And the eye brush side is more suited as a fluffy blending brush. 
The logo is reverse printed (glossy on matte) on the handle, much like the inner lid of the box. Very fitting.

Overall, the kit is a nice purchase. The box is bulky but stores neatly. The design and quality of the palettes were consistent throughout. I think one more brush might have a good addition. There are just a lot of eye shadows to make use of, and if they added another double ended brush with a standard, stiffer brush and an angled brush maybe, for example, I think it would tie in well.

The only disappointing feature were the lip glosses. I would have enjoyed more pigmented colours, maybe a brighter pink or a berry. They are good on-the-go types of lip glosses. Not everyone is fond of the menthol ingredient in glosses too. While I don't mind the tingling that much, I know a lot of gloss-lovers who would stray away from the product.

I know I will use everything here. I think my money was well spent, and I would recommend the collection to anyone who is fond of makeup and the novels/film. Thanks a lot for checking in. It is a lot to go through, but I think everyone would like to know what they're getting.

Now to find someone to take me to go see the film... =P