Thursday, November 06, 2014

Finding that Cheeky Sweet Spot with Benefit

With October come and gone, and my birthday as well, dawns the age of holiday gifts and palettes. And thus, I have gone out and spoiled myself with a few of these holiday goodies. Ohohoho... just you wait and see. xD
Tadaaaa~! x3

Must... control... girly squees! =D

This is Benefit's Cheeky Sweet Spot box o' blushes palette.
The actual packaging is in this lovely holiday tin.
On the back, the blurb at the top says, "It's a blushin' blockbuster! For the FIRST-TIME EVER, our/ famous box o' powders are alltogether in one cheeky sweet spot." I don't know why altogether is spelled wrong. You'd probably have to ask Benefit's PR about that. It's still a nice tin though. =D
The booklet inside is similiarly decorated, and showcases some ways you can use your new palette. =D
In zee tin, we have the long awaited loot. Ooh look how they glow! They are protected by a plastic sheet with each of the names coordinated. The lil brush is a nice touch.
If you're not the palette keeping sort, the blushes would be easy to depot to put into a separate Z-Palette type case, and the tin makes for a nice, reusable pencil case, for example. The blush pans are magnetic. ;)

For anyone who has all of these blushes already, this cheek palette may not be for you, unless you like to collect, but this palette for me was an awesome buy. I've never had the chance to own any of the blushes until now. The only cheek products I did own before was the Hoola bronzer powder and the Watt's Up cream highlighter. Hoola never worked out for me, and you'll see why in the swatches I gave it to my sister. I do also have the Watt's Up highlighter somewhere around here. =P
In order from left to right, we have Dandelion, which is a lovely light shade definitely meant for a lighter skin tone than mine. Second is Bella Bamba, which has a lovely raspberry-ish colour and shimmery sheen to it. Sugarbomb is next up; with an all over swatch, it is more like a highlight for me. At the bottom left, there's the Hoola swatch. For me, Hoola is too close to my natural skin tone, so it doesn't work out too well as a bronzer. Coralista is your peachy sheen, and Rockateur is your mauvey-berry shade. The end swatch is Watt's Up, and would probably work well on any skin tone.

Honestly, I wasn't one to get the blushes individually, because I didn't think the lot would really suit me. Having this palette now, I think Benefit made an awesome move in terms of showcasing their cheek products.

Benefit does have a lot more Holiday packs available on their site and by Sephora. Guess it's just about that time of year. =)