Tuesday, November 11, 2014

tarte's sweet dreams Holiday 2014 Collection

I apologize in advanced, but I really wanted to post my obsession with tarte blushes, and the quality of natural lighting was fading fast in the afternoon when I photographed these. As it is, in northern Alberta, the daylight hours are becoming too few. The last few days have been gloomier and gloomier. And thus, you will see that my natural day-time swatches change and fluctuate as I took more photos. =/
Isn't it all so pretty? I knew you'd agree with me. =3

Do you know what's even better? Having to hold them! =P
Oooh~! Aaah~! Weeee~!

Also take note, these four sets were purchased at two different spots; Sephora and Tarte.
First up, is the pin up girl clutch palette. It is the Amazonian clay 12-hour blush feature palette for this 2014 holiday. It comes with two vintage-inspired, wearable hair pins. This clutch was available at Sephora, and I purchased it online through the site. For some reason, they are out of stock at the moment, but I have a feeling they will make a come back closer to the holidays.
Opened up, you get a nice-sized mirror and five limited-edition blushers with the protective plastic sheet that lists the names of the blushes.
Swatches are in natural lighting and cooler indoor lighting.
From left to right, we have breathless (pinky beige), embraced (plummy rose), whimsy (light pink), bashful (rosy peach), and irreplaceable (mauve rose).

I think this is just a lovely palette to have, and for anyone who loves blush, this is gold. All of the shades are workable and really, I don't know how much more I can go on about the quality of tarte blushes. The first, third, and fifth shades are all matte, the second shade is more shimmery, and the forth shade is a semi-satin finish. Anybody else awe-ing and oh-ing? =P
Next up is the magic wish deluxe lip duo set. I love how tarte extends their intricate designs onto the products' packaging as well. As with tarte, they tend to divide up their entire holiday collection so they are sold at different places depending on the product. For example, this duo set is sold on their main site at tartecosmetics.com, and that is where I picked it up. It is not available at Sephora, unfortunately. 
Swatches are in fading natural lighting and indoor lighting.

Again, I apologize on the lighting for these swatches. The swatches are the LipSurgence lip tint in wishful, LipSurgence lip gloss in magic. The third swatch is both applied. I do love this duo, and wish that tarte had them available for the permanent line. The shades are just perfect enough for almost any skin tone, and are wonderful for any setting.
This set was also available at Sephora. It is also currently out of stock at the moment, but I'm sure it'll come back soon closer to the holidays. This is the pigment of imagination deluxe cheek set.

Swatches are in natural lighting, and indoor lighting.
Here is the cheek stain in fantasy, and the Amazonian clay 12-hour blush in mirage. The cheek stain comes off more as a luminizer and is very shimmery. I would use a light hand when applying that one. The blush in mirage is a light pink and seems suited more for a lighter skin tone, but I'm even determined to use this during those really snowy days. =P
Lastly, for all of my tarte blush obsession is this chic to cheek quad of mini blushers. This set is also available right now at the tarte Cosmetics website. Get 'em while htey're still hot, ladies and gents, because they are *whispers* limited edition!
This is the first time that I'm able to grab some of these smaller, limited edition blushes from tarte. A regular sized blush is usually 5.6 grams. These teeny blushes are 1.6 grams of product for comparison.
Swatches are in natural lighting, and indoor lighting.
From left to right, we have amour (rosy pink), classic (candy pink), prim (soft apricot pink), and daydream (plum nude). I love all of these shades. You get a good range for a limited set, and they are all very wearable. Again, I wish they had all of these shades in the permanent line. Just sooo pretty!! *squees

Anyway, these are definitely some more gift ideas once Sephora restocks their lot. I am hoping they do, because tarte would be sorry to miss out on such a gain. Thanks for checking in to this post. More holiday stuff to look forward to!